Information for Patients

  1. Are you suspicious of any adverse drug reaction associated with the drug?
  2. Read the product information in the package box to find out information about the known adverse drug reaction of your medication and be informed with advices what to do.
  3. Report your complaints to your doctor or pharmacist. If you are thinking that adverse drug reaction could be serious or you are considering that adverse reaction that you feel which is adequately labeled in product information, go to the doctor immediately!
  4. Help us to improve safety in use of medicines, let the AEC know about these adverse drug reactions that you are experiencing.
Note that it is especially important to report unexpected adverse drug reaction that are not reflected in the product information!
Why  needed  to report adverse drug reactions?
Any unwanted adverse drug reaction may occur with any drug. Most of them are not serious, but some can be serious. Prior to registration and entry to the market, all medicines are tested through clinical trials. But some adverse reaction of drugs that occur with a wide and long-term use, may not be identified as a result of clinical trials. In this regard, the report of the adverse drug reaction you found is of great importance for identifying previously unknown adverse drug reaction and taking the necessary measures. If a new adverse drug reaction is detected, the National Pharmacovigilance Center of Azerbaijan - AEC, carries out the necessary measures to reduce the risk for patients at a minimum level for the safe use of this drug.
How can I report?
When you are reporting adverse drug reaction, you will not be given any medical advice. Please contact your doctor or pharmacist!
  1. You can send the completed REPORT FORM about the ADVERSE DRUG REACTION (for patients) to our post address, e-mail or fax. You can download reporting form in the report forms section of website.
  2. You can call (+99412) 596 05 20 / internal number 169 or call (+99412) 596 07 20 during a day between 09:00 and 18:00. (except Saturdays and Sundays).
Which information is needed when reporting an adverse drug reaction?
  • Information about a person who has experienced adverse drug reaction (for example: age, gender).
  • Description of adverse drug reaction.
  • The name and dosage of the suspected drug that cause adverse reactions, as well as the disease in which it used.
  • In what time an adverse drug reaction occurred after taking the drug.
  • Names of other medicines used, if are known.
  • Existing diseases and other medical problems of person who experiencing adverse drug reactions.
  • Information pertaining to the person who reported the adverse drug reaction.