Control on Medicines

Control on Medicines
   The Department exercises state control over the activities of pharmaceutical enterprises regardless of their form of ownership in accordance with the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic and relevant regulatory legal acts, as well as the quality, safety and efficiency of drug circulation. In order to carry out state control over the quality, safety and efficacy of drugs, the department:
  • Conducts scheduled and non-scheduled inspections at pharmaceutical enterprises based on complaints, information and appeals in accordance with the law
  • Assesses compliance of pharmaceutical enterprises with regulatory legal acts based on requests from the Ministry of Economy to the Ministry of Health for comments on relevant legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Licenses and Permits" No. 176-VQ dated March 15, 2016;
  • Takes samples of medicines produced and imported into the country to carry out appropriate laboratory tests;
  • According to the relevant decrees of the Ministry of Health, department checks the circulation of medicines in state medical institutions.