About Us

 Analytical Expertise Center was established in 2007 on the initiative of the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan Republic, for strengthening of state control over the quality, efficiency and safety of medicines and emerging issues in the activities of the participants in order to regulate the pharmaceutical market. Analytical Expertise Center is regulatory authority of the Ministry of Health in the pharmaceutical field in Azerbaijan Republic.

   The Center is based on the relevant legislation of Azerbaijan Republic, regulating this sector. AEM's activities expanded significantly in recent years. The center is currently an observer member of the European and US Farmakopeya. AEC is also cooperating with the World Health Organization (WHO), the Global Fund, Uppsala Monitoring Center and with other international and private organizations.

   Official website of AEC and the Tibb qezeti ("Journal of Medicine") shares with the public the latest news and information. Website contains information about legislative documents and state registration of imports of drugs, drug registration status, a series of drugs available in the market, a list of prohibited and substandard drugs and latest news in pharmaceutical sector.

   AEC also fulfills functions of the center of teaching and training of Azerbaijan Medical University. Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the AMU are participating in the specialized courses and trainings of the AEC. Students, teachers and post-graduate students of Azerbaijan Medical University conduct research on pharmaceutical chemistry and necessary conditions are created for the passing of practical lessons in the Center. From year to year more and more material-technical basis of the center is strengthened, under guidance of WHO our experts regularly attend courses on training and raising the level of professionalism. The center participated in a large number of proficiency tests, together with other various laboratories at the international level joining such serious competition for the first time, however, the Center took the worthy places.

   Since October 14, 2019, in accordance with Order No. 93 of the Board of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Analytical Expertise Center, LLC acts as a Public Legal Entity.